My Work

Published Software



Code Elixir Ldn 2018 - A Shot Of Absinthe: from zero to GraphQL in 40 minutes

London Elixir Meetup May 2017 - How to use polymorphism in Elixir

Demo apps


Ruby/Rails and JavaScript

  • ReviewBlaster 9000 - A simple demo review app using Rails 4 and Ember.js 1.8
  • Tastichat - A demo chat application using Rails 5, React/Redux and Websockets


  • Hook, Line and Slacker - A little webhook endpoint that notifies Slack about pull requests
  • Hello Webhook - The simplest possible Elixir webhook app, with minimal dependencies


  • Ethereum Balance - Playing with Roda, Sequel and the Ethereum public API
  • Ranges Ruby - Use interval trees to find the intersection of a value amongst a large number of ranges
  • Simple Warehouse - A virtual warehouse. Testing ground for object-oriented design patterns
  • Turbocrawler - A distributed web crawler written using Apache Kafka for queueing